What I Do

  • Help you to reconnect with yourself
  • Help you to break co-dependent living
  • Help you to challenge your thinking
  • Help you learn how to manage stress
  • Help you to create a vision
  • Help you to identify your values
  • Help you to move past painful events
  • Help you to set goals
  • Help you to see that you are valuable
  • Help you through life transitions
  • Help you to see your worth
  • Help you to FEEL every feeling

You Will Learn

  • To live from the inside out
  • To feel alive again
  • To take charge of your life
  • To align with your purpose
  • To live as your true, authentic self
  • To understand your value and worth
  • That you CAN be independent
  • That vulnerability is courageous
  • That fear is a motivator, not a deterrent
  • Being scared is OK, stopping is not
  • To get your life back on track
  • That failure is a dirty F-word

My Focus

My coaching practice focuses on

  • Thriving during life transitions
  • Reconnecting with your authentic self
  • Finding your purpose and passion
  • Feeling fulfilled and content with your life
  • Facing fear with confidence
  • Changing what and how your think
  • Finding your true,authentic voice
  • Navigating though challenges
  • Understanding that vulnerability is not weakness

My services are most effective for

  • Women that feel that they have lost their passion for life
  • Women that are stuck in co-dependent patterns
  • Women that feel stuck and unfulfilled, but are not sure why
  • Women living for some day in the future when...(fill-in-the-blank) 
  • Women facing divorce, separation, illness, or personal challenges 
  • Women that feel that they cannot really live a fulfilled life
  • Women feeling like "there has to be more...?"
  • Women that do not know what to do when their kids leave 
    • Empty Nest Syndrome

I will help you to

  • Start living as your authentic self
  • Feel safe being vulnerable
  • Live free from co-dependency
  • Live your live on purpose and with  passion
  • Understand what makes you unique and irreplaceable
  • Re-center your life and align your actions with your goals
  • Bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be
  • Create concrete and practical actions to bring you into greater alignment and self-awareness
  • Fill in those gaps and help you to realign with your purpose and goals

Why Hire Anissa?

  • Fully Trained – I a fully certified professional coach. I graduated with honors from Park University with a bachelor's degree in Social Psychology.  I am working on my LCDC certificate and Gottman Institute certifications.
  • Integrity – I will never sugar-coat anything or tell you half-truths.  I will always challenge you to be your best self and to build a life that makes you say...WOW! No sales pitches. Just great coaching.
  • FREE Consultation - If you are seriously considering working with a coach, contact me or click the BOOK button on the home page to set-up your FREE 30-minute session. I would love to hear about where you are and some of your goals, talk about how we may be able to work together, and answer any questions you might have.

I am a certified professional life coach, I am not a medical professional and do not offer medical advice or dispense any medication.  


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