About Me

I was LOST...NUMB....and not honoring my DREAM!

My story has not been pretty but I have had many beautiful moments.  I have learned to take every lesson and to feel every feeling.  I never let any good thing left unsaid because no one knows when we will no longer have a chance to say those things.  

  • I stayed in inauthentic, dead relationships at the expense of my self-worth and self-confidence.
  • I 'rolled over' and became a doormat in my relationships because I was afraid of losing.
  • I was ashamed because I was not living authentically.
  • I lost my voice and did not speak up for myself or my beliefs.
  • I let my value be set by others and did things that were not true to myself.  
  • I created a fantasy life in my head that did not exist in reality.
  • I was numb to my feelings and life--I was going through the motions but NOT truly living.
  • I lived with a mask on (incognito) because I was afraid that people would not like me for the person that I was deep inside.

There was a moment in my life that I felt that I could not take any more but in that very moment I decided that I WOULD persevere and rid myself of those things that were not serving me.  I took a beautiful journey of self-exploration and decided that I wanted to help other women that were struggling with the same things that I had struggled with for so many years.   

Now, I live my life from the inside out and I could not be happier.  I want to share my lessons and help YOU to stop living behind the mask and live your life transparently.


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