One-on-One Coaching


If you are looking for one-on-one coaching, these are the programs will help you to make BIG  life changes that stick!  

All programs conducted  via video conference or telephone, your choice. These include  a series of weekly  or bi-weekly coaching calls, self-paced work, and contact in-between seasons, as needed.  I will be with you throughout the journey, supporting and cheering your progress.  

Available programs:

  • Spring Clean Your Life
  • Revitalize Your Life 
  • Life Balance and Self Care
  • Self Discovery

If you have questions about any of the one-on-one programs, want to inquire about other options for one-on-one coaching, or would like to set up a payment plan, you can set up your FREE session, fill out the contact form below.

Self Study Programs


Self-study programs are great if you do not have time for one-on-one coaching. These programs are self-paced and take approximately a week to complete.  If you are trying to create change in your life but are not ready for one-on-one coaching, these are for YOU! 

Available programs:

  • Stories
  • Intuition
  • Resiliency
  • Self-Love
  • Hope
  • Facing Fear

Work through the exercises and if you get stuck or need some assistance, simply email and I will help to get you back on track.  There are more to come so, sign up for my newsletter and you will be the first to know when they are live!


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