What is a Life Coach ?

  • A life coach helps you to think differently.
  • A life coach can give you tools to help you see a new perspective.
  • A life coach helps you to organize your thoughts into sustainable actions.  
  • A life coach helps you to live on purpose and take action.  
  • A life coach helps you to increase your awareness and live from the inside out. 
  • A life coach helps you to learn to control your emotions and to manage progress.  
  • A life coach helps you to start right where you are and move forward intentionally.
  • A life coach does NOT explore your past or try to make sense of the past.
  • A life coach is NOT a therapist.


Why do I need a Life Coach?

  • To set and achieve goals and objectives
  • To break through blocks and fears
  • To balance professional and personal life
  • To make key decisions and design strategies for success
  • To become a problem-free zone
  • To build fulfilling relationships
  • To find the ideal partner, love, or relationship
  • To get out of a rut and get unstuck
  • To make an important life transition
  • To identify core values and passions
  • To get organized
  • To learn how to have more time to enjoy life
  • To improve self-confidence and self-esteem
  • To recognize your self-worth and value
  • To learn how to live on purpose

If you are open to new ways of growing and expanding your heart, wanting to break through barriers, and are trying to take-on new challenges. Having a coach in your life can be instrumental in finding your calling and purpose. If you are searching for fulfillment and desperately trying to find joy, a coach can teach you the tools and help you to find what you are seeking.  If you are always looking for new opportunities for growth and transformation, then a coach can help.  If you are ready to discover your purpose, experience greater freedom, and joy in your life, then let's chat. 

How does coaching make this happen?

  • Coaching increases awareness
  • We look at your life from the outside in
  • Coaching helps you to get your emotions under control
  • Coaching demands massive action
  • I will ask you to make commitments, follow thorough, and get results
  • We will not go back into your past or make sense of it
  • Coaching is not therapy. 
  • Coaching is future focused
  • Coaching helps you to set goals and maps a way to reach them

When you are trying to change and grow, it can be challenging to see all of the things in your life that are no longer serving you. Of course, you can be successful without a coach, but if you find yourself running in circles, not really moving ahead, repeating the same experiences and relationships, or are missing inner-fulfillment, peace, and not feeling free, then having someone who can view your actions, thought processes, and patterns objectively, can help you to see and to support you while you break free from those things that no longer serve you. 

We are too closely involved to view our actions with a wider lens and are too entangled with our own emotions to logically separate them from our hidden patterns. A coach is not only a voice of reason but can be the person who pushes and challenges your core beliefs and choices so that you can make healthier decisions that actually lead you to what you say you want in your life.   We start where we are and move forward to build the life that you want to live.

My Commitment to You

  • I will take my time with you very seriously
  • I know that you are an expert at  your own life 
    • I know that all of the answers are inside you
    • I will listen to what you say and what you do not say to help you to find your way
  • I will encourage and support you, even if you are resistant
  • I will build a trusting relationship with you and help you to let go of thoughts that hold you back  
  • I will help you to overcome obstacles and access TRUE joy
  • I will NOT judge--our relationship is built upon a foundation of mutual trust and respect
  • Your thoughts, fears, feelings, failures, and secrets are safe with me
    • I will NEVER share  anything that we discuss
  • I will help you to find your strength and to be brave
    • I will help you to let go of self-judgement
    • You will learn to silence the inner critic
  • I will hold you accountable
  • I will challenge you to move beyond the status quo and to find your true authentic voice
  • I will help you to change your thinking 
    • You will see that negative events are learning opportunities
    • Failure is an F-word, failure is not bad
  • I will NOT give up on you but I will push you to do the same!
  • I will CELEBRATE with you!!
  • I will never stop learning new skills or  growing my knowledge
  • I will honor my integrity, live my values, and will express myself transparently and authentically.


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