Why Do I Use the Phrase Living Incognito?

What is incognito?



From Websters 1828 Dictionary:

INCOG'NITO, adv. [L. incognitus; in and cognitus, known.] In concealment; in a disguise of the real person.

Modern Dictionary:

in•cog•ni•to/ɪnkɒgˈnitoʊ, ɪnˈkɒgnɪˌtoʊ/ [in-kog-nee-toh, in-kog-ni-toh]


1. having one's identity concealed, as under an assumed name, esp. to avoid notice or formal attentions.


2. with the real identity concealed: to travel incognito.


3. a person who is incognito.

4. the state of being incognito.

5. the disguise or character assumed by an incognito.

Numb to Life


I lived behind the mask, living as someone that acted happy on the outside but was dying inside.  I lived my life trying to make others think that my life was perfect but, in reality, I carried guilt and shame because of my loved ones addiction.  I lived in a state of numb, not knowing how or what to feel.  I was caught in a trap, feeling like I was living someone else's life and feeling like I had to live up to someone else's standards to be happy. but I felt miserable.  I was empty.  I was lost.  I did not know who I was or what I truly wanted in life.  I lost my smile.  I lost my purpose.  I lost myself.   I went through the motions but I was not living.  

I could not live that lie for one more second, one more hour, one more day, one more anything.....I had to free myself from the trap.  I had NOTHING LEFT!  I learned the tools to help me to find myself again.  NOW, I have an authentic smile!!  I rebuilt my confidence.  I found my mojo.  I LIVE every single day and I FEEL again.  Now, I live my life from the inside out, I no longer live incognito.

Does that describe you too?


When you look in the mirror do you know (or even like) the person looking back at you?  

Do you feel as though you are living someone else's life?  

Do you feel stuck in a rut and cannot figure out how you got there or how to get out?

Your life looks perfect on the outside but you feel guilty because you are slowly dying inside?

If you are feeling like you are lost, broken, or numb contact me to book your free coaching session.  Let's work together, I can help you to find your way.  You can learn the tools to help you to grow, to feel free, and to be empowered to move forward and learn to live your BEST life! 


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